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Story of our Menu

Our menu is the culmination of a year long journey on a plant based path. My intention has been to make simple meals, packed with flavour and texture that will be yummy on the palette and light in the stomach. I have truly enjoyed sharing these dishes with my friends and family. The plant based lifestyle has brought profound improvements in our health.

I know that many of you live very busy lives and often don't have the time to prepare healthy meals. I, myself, worked long hours as an architect for several years and struggled to maintain a healthy diet. I hope that this tiffin service supports you in your endeavours. 

Our meals are packed with the best that the plant world has to offer. Plenty of organic vegetables, hearty greens, fresh herbs, legumes and traditional millets. Most of our dishes are gluten free. We avoid processed foods and minimise the use of oil so you can enjoy tasty meals everyday that fuel your body with fibre antioxidants, minerals, proteins and Omega 3.

As we serve you everyday, we understand that tiffins can often get repetitive. For this reason, we have selected a wide variety of dishes from across the country and beyond, ensuring that no meal is repeated over a cycle of five weeks. Scroll down to look at the menu for the ongoing five weeks.

Meal Subscription Menu: Our Story
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